“One cannot have lived great if one has not dined well and one cannot have dined well if one has not had great company”

The name, Azyun, was created with the goal of accommodating everyone from A-Z and the Chinese word for people is, “Yun.” We boast eclectic Chinese elements with a focus on dishes meant to be shared because, in a city as diverse as Toronto, the act of sharing food transcends language. Azyun believes sharing food bonds people on a deeper level and our menu expresses our desire to unite people through food.

Azyun’s idea of Chinese cuisine is inspired by classic tastes and modern styles but are not limited by them. Our recipes lets us experiment with distinct ingredients and find inspiration in old memories and new experiences. As we continue to change and grow as people so does our menu. Our approach to cooking is a reflection of our combined experiences allowing us to continually redefine what contemporary Chinese cuisine is.

Each dish is uniquely flavored, imaginative and lovingly prepared by Chef Kevin Lo. He has modernized Asian cuisine and gives diners the ultimate sensory experience every time they visit.

Beyond the beautiful blend of modern and traditional decor, the feeling of communion and sharing is evident the minute you walk through the doors. And the palpable energy doesn’t just stop at the patrons.

Welcoming you are our friendly and attentive servers who are dedicated to making sure you and your guests leave with both your bellies and hearts full.

Justin Wong


Like many out there, Justin’s story is another living example of why we should never settle or quit on our dreams. Justin was educated to one day purse a profession in the financial industry but knowing that it would leave him glued to his desk and outside the heat of a kitchen, he decided to start all over. Before he opened Azyun Restaurant in 2018, Justin worked in the kitchens of Mark McEwan, Nigel Didcock, Elio Zannoni, and Pedro Pereira. He believes a true dining experience should be shared between people, and that food brings people together.

Kevin Lo

Head Chef

Kevin began his culinary journey where anyone would – in school, during which, he worked as a baker at Bakery Nakamura learning and loving all things bread.  Upon graduating from George Brown College, he took a position at the Granite Club where he met Justin and the two became close friends.  He later departed Granite Club to accept a Chef de Partie position at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.  His most notable work experience, however, was as Chef de Partie in San Francisco under the world-renowned chef Corey Lee and Executive Chef Brandon Rodgers at In Situ SFMOMA – where the restaurant had earned a Michelin star during his stay.  Now Kevin has returned home to cook the food he loves and share that exceptional level of quality and care with all of our hungry guests.

Allysson Linis

Lead Server/Part-time Cake Dropper

Ally: My love for good food (especially pork belly) led me to join the Azyun team in the summer of 2018. When I’m not at Ryerson (where I’m studying Occupational Health and Safety) you can find me at Azyun sharing my passion for food and the Truffle Fried Rice with our guests.

Besides being able to eat endless amounts of good food, I truly enjoy the company I am surrounded by at Azyun every day. Working here has been a very exciting yet humbling opportunity where I can continue to learn and grow with my Azyun family.

Krista Bella

Lead Server

Krista found a love and passion for the food industry through all the Food Network shows she watches. In addition to her past hosting experiences, Azyun has definitely given her a whole new perspective of the industry. They have also given her, her first serving opportunity.

Krista is currently on her way to becoming a Registered Nurse. She is also a former pageant queen and model. Krista is known in the Filipino community and has learned a lot from doing charity work in the Philippines and about Filipino cuisine. Azyun has exposed Krista to a lot of other different Asian cuisines. Every day is a learning experience, “especially when I am asked to memorize all the ingredients in the new weekly specials haha.” Krista still hopes to continue to work as a server at Azyun for as long as her hard-working self can.

“The first thing asked during my interview for this job was how I defined hospitality. Ever since I joined the Azyun team, hospitality means so much more now. Also, a lot comes out from just being YOU to both guests and staff.”